Data protection

A cross-platform DLP solution for small, medium and large enterprises

Web scanner

Fully automated out-of-band vulnerability scanner


CRM system will help optimize all processes in the company

Vendors in portfolio


In our portfolio we have DLP solution Endpoint Protector, PAM by Arcon and two of the most powerful web-scanners on the market: Acunetix and Invicti.



Automation and interaction

This line of business contains ERP and CRM (WiseTeam) systems, the industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform Nextcloud and other solutions.



Analytics and data

Top products from Gartner Magic Quadrant (Tibco and Tableau).


Office work

In this field CoreWin portfolio has tools for optimizing teamwork and document share (Nextcloud), solutions for automating business process management (Megapolis and Deals).


Software for vendors

One of the products offered by CoreWin is the PRM system.
Channelyze – Partner Relationship Management (PRM). An automated solution to manage partner relationships in a multi-tenant environment. From recruitment from enablement to lead management – it does everything a vendor needs to get a global channel program thriving.

An easy-to-use channel management system that simplifies processes and improves interaction with partners

User profiles

Automatic issuance of quotas

Partner status system

Renewal Management